We’ve Listened to Your Feedback

Customer Satisfaction is Our Number 1 Priority

Hey E1337Tech Crew!  It’s been a while since we posted on our site because we have been doing a lot of things in the background to make each visit to our store more of an enjoyable experience.  We have been running some trials and have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback.  I think it’s best to now share with everyone who hasn’t been in the store for awhile what our new vision for the ideal customer experience is.

Computers are very personal devices.  The house some of the most important files we will ever have.  They allow us to connect to people across and access goods and services that are not readily available in every community.  That being said, it’s really easy to see why some people don’t like leaving their favorite gadget at the store and having to leave the store without it.  After they get over the initial sting of leaving it behind in our care, they count the seconds until they can get back their beloved machine.  We TOTALLY understand that feeling!  All of the employees here are attached to a device of some sort most of the day.  If we had to leave our devices in the company of a stranger for multiple days at a time, we would be anxious to get it back too.

This is when we knew we had a delima.  We know we want to get devices back to customers in the shortest amount of time possible but we are also a humble establishment with few enough workers we could count them all on one hand.  What could we do to maximize turn around time without having to get a giant workforce to have on call at all times.

We had all kinds of computers come into the store but there was a common factor among a large amount of them.  They still worked for most things but there were little issues here and there that made usage more difficult than it needed to be.  People didn’t want to lose their computer for multiple days because of small issues.  Now, they don’t.

We are proud to announce that we now offer appointments in the place of computer drop-offs.  Now you can call ahead and schedule an appointment for a certain time.  When your appointment comes, you will have 1 on 1 attention from a tech.  That allows you to ask questions and see what goes into repairing your computer’s issues.

This change also extends to our pricing structure as well.  We used to quote people prices based on a flat fee.  Sometimes this fee would mean that customers ended up paying more than they could have.  That is why we are now using an hourly billing system for all issues moving forward.  At a rate of $80/hour, our prices are very competitive.  Our technicians have the expertise and experience necessary for us to be confident that time will be respected and used to the fullest of its potential and on average, most appointments take 1 hour or less.

Finally, we are considering the possibility of offering free clinics in the future and would love to hear your feedback about this.  They would be 1 hours sessions consisting of widely mentioned topics that are asked of us every day.   We want to have a little something for everyone so not all sessions are going to be geared towards every user.  Our first session is over the start menu in Windows 10.  This is one of the easier to digest sessions but we are planning on having some in the future about the importance of password etiquette and how to set up a password manager to host all passwords.  This would include more in-depth talk about cybersecurity and might be more appropriate for higher level learners.  

So this is the new blueprint for EleetTech.  We hope everyone is able to be better served with these changes.  At the end of the day, none of the staff like the feeling of having to take your most important devices and keep them here in life for days on end.  We want people to be happy with their devices and love imparting the knowledge we have gained onto others.

 Thank you to the community for the support and outreach on social media and in person.  From the hand-baked cookies around the holiday season to the friendships we have made with our customers along the way, it’s been a great experience and we hope to make that better every day. 

Feedback can be sent to the email address feedback@eleettech.com